What is an Epoptia workstation? Machines or operators?

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Last Update 3 jaar geleden

Epoptia's workstations are Hybrid

 They can be used in machines, operators and any other place where manual work is required.

The proper questions

There is no straightforward answer to the question of what a workstation is (Machine or operators)?

It depends on the following:

  • Your production processes
  • The desired rate of tracking & management that you might decide
  • The combination of your machines and employees

In order to determine which and how many the workstations that suit your needs are, start with the following questions per production stage:

  1. Ηow many machines are in the production stage?
  2. How many operators use the machines?
  3. What is the desired tracking & control rate that I want or need?

Let's give an example to paint a clearer picture:

A production stage has 3 machines and 2 operators. 

If there is no direct need to dispatch work orders to all the machines, but you want to inform the operators that handle the machines, you should have 2 workstations. The tracking rate would be high, so as the control rate!

The number of workstations should be selected per production stage.

There are many ways that cover your needs and budget. 

Click here to see best workstation practices in various scenarios of production processes.

Hint: If you start right now, we recommend starting gradually! Do not aim for the 100% from scratch unless you are being supported by a consultant.

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