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How we provide support

Technical Support

Last Update 2 years ago

We provide support via Ticket submission, emails and our Live Support module.

How to submit a ticket?

Visit and at the upper right side, you will find a "Submit Ticket" option.

If you read this article, you are already here. So just take a look on your upper right of the webpage.

How to contact via email?

Visit and send your message.

Or you may send it directly to [email protected]

How to access Live Support module?

This module is offered with a Service Level Agreement.

Click on the ''Enable Live Support'' button and a chat will immediately pop up.

Send your message and one of our support team will answer directly!

This option is enabled for every user independently and can be enabled and disabled at any time.

If you let it enabled, it will be active in all the dashboards and screen that you navigate.

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